October 13, 2001
Listen to Wait Wait Don't Tell Me:

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Host: Peter Sagal

Official Judge and Scorekeeper: Carl Kasell

NOT MY JOB GUEST: John Flansburgh of They Might Be Giants

This Week's Panelists:
•Roxanne Roberts, Washington Post Style Section •Adam Felber, writer and performer •Charlie Pierce, Writer-at-Large for Esquire Magazine

Round 1

Who's Carl This Time? (Listen with Real Audio)
CNN or fish tank?; a new face for the USO; A prominent man struck by irony!

Opening Round (Listen with Real Audio)
One of these terrorists is not like the other... We remember HerBlock; The Nobel Prizes recognize the study of the guys on the lot.

Round 2

The Listener Limerick Challenge! (Listen with Real Audio)
Illicit stretching in the Miss France pageant; Britain's splendid table; Will you please stop humming My Sharona??

Not My Job! (Listen with Real Audio)
One half of the band They Might Be Giants John Flansburgh plays a game called "You're not a're an action figure." Three questions about GI Joe.

Week in Review ( Listen with Real Audio)
Osama takes a licking and keeps on ticking; Blue Thunder: big embarrassment

Round 3

Who's Carl II (Listen with Real Audio)
The other guy who's been hiding out this week; blabbermouths in the news; Fluffy isn't prepared for war.

Bluff the Listener (Listen with Real Audio)
"Life Just Got A Little Easier" The latest in Don't Do It Yourself Schemes.

Lightning Fill in the Blank (Listen with Real Audio)
The rest of the week's news that we can fit.

Panelist Predictions (Listen with Real Audio)
Where next will a Muppet turn up unexpectedly?

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