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Roger Ebert and Richard Roeper

Roger Ebert and Richard Roeper

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Top Five Moments Top Five Moments: On the fifth anniversary of Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!, Peter Sagal waxes nostalgic about his favorite moments on the show.


January 4, 2003

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HOST: Peter Sagal
NOT MY JOB GUEST: Film critics Roger Ebert and Richard Roeper from Ebert and Roeper

Special Fifth Anniversary Broadcast of Wait Wait Don't Tell Me recorded in front of a live audience at Chicago's Goodman Theater on December 9th, 2002.

This Week's Panelists:

• Roy Blount, Jr., humorist and author of Am I Pig Enough for You Yet?: Voices from the Barnyard
• Charlie Pierce, Boston Globe writer
• Sue Ellicott, writer and journalist

Round 1

Who's Carl This Time? (Listen)
Three lame excuses from the past five years. We have only ourselves to blame; A $125 million mathematical error; The biggest political screw-up of modern times?

» Music Cue: "Big Mess"
Artist: Devo
Composer: Mothersbaugh/Casale
CD Title: Devo Greatest Hits
Label: Warner Brothers
Year: 1990

Opening Round (Listen)
Silly excesses of technological enthusiasm from the past five years: A world changing invention or juiced up lawn mower? And innovations in the smallest room in the house.

» Music Cue: "Take This Job and Shove It"
Artist: Johnny Paycheck
Composer: Coe
CD Title: Best of Johnny Paycheck
Label: Curb
Year: 1996

Round 2

Listener Limerick Challenge (Listen)
What if Wait Wait were born 100 years ago? Three limericks based on news from 1898-1902: Retroactive national pride; The plush toy with destructive powers; A curdling film controversy.

» Music Cue: "Cheese Alarm"
Artist: Robyn Hitchcock
Composer: Hitchcock
CD Title: Jewels For Sophia
Label: Warner Brothers
Year: 1999

Not My Job! (Listen)
Film critics Roger Ebert and Richard Roeper play our game called "You are Part of the Second Rennaisance of Arts and Culture, circa January 1998." Three questions about other innovations or ideas launched in 1998.

» Music Cue: "Birthday"
Artist: The Beatles
Composer: Lennon/McCartney
CD Title: Christmas Coctails
Label: Capitol

Round 3

Who's Carl Part II (Listen)
The choicest insults from the past five years: The Tin Man of high tech execs; Divorce New York style; Snack Attack!

Bluff The Listener (Listen)
Monicagate: Where are they now? And how can we avoid them? Three where-are-they-now stories of key figures in the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Lightning Fill-In-The-Blank (Listen)
All the news of the past five years that we couldn't fit anywhere else broken into three categories: Business developments; Politicians who left the stage; The World of Entertainment.

Panelist Predictions (Listen)
What will be the major news headline at the Wait Wait Tenth Anniversary?

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