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Sherman Alexie

Sherman Alexie
Photo: Rob Casey

Heard on the show:

The Underwater Hockey Tourist Web site The Underwater Hockey Tourist Web site.

Sausage Strike! Sausage Strike! A bat, a sausage mascot, you do the math.

Bath Toys At Sea Bath Toys At Sea: Rubber duckie, you're the one.

Farewell To Barry White Farewell To Barry White

Bean Soup Recipe Bean Soup Recipe: Just like the Senate makes.


July 12, 2003

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HOST: Peter Sagal
OFFICIAL JUDGE AND SCOREKEEPER: Jean Cochran in for Carl Kasell
NOT MY JOB GUEST: Writer, poet, filmmaker, Sherman Alexie. His most recent book is Ten Little Indians. His movie, The Business Of Fancy Dancing is out on DVD.

This Week's Panelists:

• Roy Blount, Jr., humorist and author of Am I Pig Enough for You Yet?: Voices from the Barnyard
• Charlie Pierce, Boston Globe writer
• Sue Ellicott, writer and journalist

Round 1

Who's Carl This Time? (Listen)
The Supreme Court takes a mess and turns it into a muddle; Then the Supreme Court said it's ok to be fabulous; A day in a very sad life.

» Music Cue: "Now I'm Gonna Make Love To You"
Artist: Barry White
Composer: Barry White
CD Title: Is This Whatcha Wont
Label: Polygram Records
Year: 1996

Opening Round (Listen)
What next? George Bush hires a woman named "Ima Daschlefan"?

» Music Cue: "Rubber Duckie"
Artist: Jim Henson
Composer: Moss
CD Title: Bert And Ernie's Greatest Hits
Label: Sony Music
Year: 1996

Round 2

Listener Limerick Challenge (Listen)
"The Great Escape" Three stories of escape to freedom.

» Music Cue: "Theme From Alice"
Artist: Linda Lavin
Composer: Bergman/Bergman/Shire
CD Title: TV's Greatest Hits, Remote Control
Label: TVT Records
Year: 1996

Not My Job! (Listen)
PDQ Writer, filmmaker, poet, Sherman Alexie plays a game called, "You can have it in Any Color You Want, As Long As It's Black." Three questions about Henry Ford on the 100th anniversary of the formation of his company.

Round Two (Listen with Real Audio)
A sausage nearly pays the ultimate price; a stupid criminal caught with his hands in his own pockets.

Round 3

Who's Carl Part II (Listen)
Terminator 3: Rise of the Great Humanitarians; the world says goodbye to the man who shot some bubblin crude; a naughty, naughty young woman.

» Music Cue: "Hit Me Baby One More Time"
Artist: Britney Spears
Composer: Max Martin
CD Title: ...Baby One More Time
Label: Zomba Recording
Year: 1999

Bluff The Listener (Listen)
The U.S. Senate toots for its lunch; fishing for chaps and boots; gratuitous gratuities.

» Music Cue: "The Great Escape"
Artist: Unlisted
Composer: Elmer Bernstein
CD Title: "The Great Escape" Soundtrack
Label: RCA Records
Year: 1998

Lightning Fill-In-The-Blank (Listen)
All the news we couldn't fit anywhere else.

» Music Cue: "2nd Movement, Beethoven's 9th."
Artist: Sir Colin Davis
Composer: Ludwig Van Beethoven
CD Title: Beethoven 9th Symphony, Bavarian Radio Symph Orch
Label: Philips

Panelist Predictions (Listen)
Now that Joe Lieberman has an aide named Gobush, what funny named employees will the other Democratic Presidential candidates hire?

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