Don Novello

Actor, comedy writer, and sometimes cigarette-smoking envoy from the Vatican, Don Novello
Credit: Rick Egan

Heard on the show:

Segway Super scooter: You think, it falls over.

Tribute Band Tribute band: The sincerest form of rock.

Gorilla Escapes. Gorilla escapes: Not everyone notices.

Tigers Dingo: Pets gone wild.

Slip 'N' Streisand Ecuador: Right on time.

Study Read my lips: No extra words.


Oct. 4, 2003

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HOST: Peter Sagal

This Week's Panelists:

• Charlie Pierce, writer for The Boston Globe
• Adam Felber, writer and performer
• Roxanne Roberts, Washington Post style section reporter

Round 1

Who's Carl This Time? (Listen)
Commentators name a scandal in progress; football analyst leaves the game early; a technical wonder that makes you look like a dork on wheels.

Opening Round (Listen)
A warship with a progressive attitude; elbow room for the afterlife; it's for show and tell, man.

» Music Cue: "Espionage"
Artist: Green Day
CD Title: Austin Powers, The Spy Who Shagged Me
Label: Reprise Records
Year: 1999

Round 2

» Music Cue: "Theme from SWAT"
Artist: Rhythm Heritage
Composer: Barry De Vorzon
CD Title: Crimestoppers. TV's Greatest Cop Themes
Label: RCA
Year: 1997

Listener Bluff (Listen)
"Kicking the habit" -- three stories of extreme efforts to break a bad habit.

» Music Cue: "Rain Drops In Rio"
Artist: Henry Mancini
Composer: Henry Mancini
CD Title: Martinis With Mancini
Label: Rhino
Year: 2000

Not My Job! (Listen)
Actor and comedy writer Don Novello plays a game called "Just like the real Beatles, except they're all alive!" -- three questions about tribute bands.

» Music Cue: "I Am I Said"
Artist: Neil Diamond
Composer: Neil Diamond
CD Title: The Essential Neil Diamond
Label: Sony
Year: 2001

Carl Cassell's Countdown (Listen)
Groping for votes; he wants party members to want him; a kiss on the hand may be quite continental.

» Music Cue: "Sometimes When We Touch"
Artist: Dan Hill
Composer: Dan Hill/ Barry Mann
CD Title: Have a Nice Decade: The '70s Pop Culture Box
Label: Rhino
Year: 1998

» Music Cue: "I Want You To Want Me"
Artist: Cheap Trick
Composer: R. Nielsen
CD Title: Cheap Trick: The Greatest Hits
Label: Sony
Year: 1991

» Music Cue: "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman"
Artist: Aretha Franklin
Composer: Goffin/King/Wexler
CD Title: Aretha Franklin: 30 Greatest Hits
Label: Atlantic
Year: 1985

Round 3

Panel Questions (Listen)
Do Not Call list proves suprisingly attractive; he likes snorkeling, a nice London Fog coat and... bananas; Heaven, eat your breakfast!

Listener Limerick Challenge (Listen)
Lapdogs gone wild; mature women calling the shots; America's kids--soon to be sleeping less tightly.

Lightning Fill-in-the-Blank (Listen)
All the news we couldn't fit anywhere else.