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Sports Illustrated columnist and author Rick Reilly

Heard on the show:

President, Romantic: Poet President, Romantic: Poet.

Mmmm... Haggis. Finally: Haggis crisps.

Whizzinator Whizzinator: Not fool proof.

Your Honor: I call Loulou to the stand. Your Honor: I Call Loulou.

Cheese Cutting Cheese Cutting: Another scientific breakthrough.

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Oct. 11, 2003

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HOST: Peter Sagal

This Week's Panelists:

• Adam Felber, writer, performer and curator of Felbers.net
• Sue Ellicott, journalist and writer
• Mo Rocca, Today Show contributor and correspondent for Comedy Central's The Daily Show

Round 1

Who's Carl This Time? (Listen)
A leader is christened; an election prediction that was slightly off; another Arnold lays out his first 100 days.

» Music Cue: "Diff'rent Strokes"
Artist: Alan Thicke, et. al.
Composer: Thicke/Burton/Loring
CD Title: Television's Greatest Hits: Remote Control
Label: EMI
Year: 1996

Panel Questions (Listen)
More unsuccesful candiates for governor's office; Rush and Pat Robertson put their heads together; witness want a cracker?

» Music Cue: "Let Me Go, Lover"
Artist: Hank Snow
Composer: Carson/Hill
CD Title: The Essential Hank Snow
Label: BMG
Year: 1997

Listener Bluff (Listen)
"Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures" -- three stories of extreme efforts to break a bad habit.

» Music Cue: "Takin' Care of Business"
Artist: Bachman Turner Overdrive
Composer: Bachman
CD Title: Takin' Care of Business
Label: Rhino
Year: 1998

Round 2

Not My Job! (Listen)
Rick Reilly, award-winning sports columnist for Sports Illustrated, plays a game called "What the hey... it's not MY money!" -- three questions about the management style of former Tyco CEO L. Dennis Kozlowski.

Listener Mailbag (Listen)
Time again to look into the Wait wait... bag of mail.

» Music Cue: "Come On Over"
Artist: Shania Twain
Composer: Twain/Lange
CD Title: Come On Over
Label: Polygram
Year: 1997

Round 3

Who's Carl? (Second Round) (Listen)
A communication breakdown at the Pentagon; Beyonce, P. Diddy and the Ying Yang Twins; he was a poet but we didn't know it.

» Music Cue: "Roses Are Red"
Artist: Bobby Vinton
Composer: Evans/Byron
CD Title: Mr. Lonely
Label: Curb Records
Year: 2001

Listener Limerick Challenge (Listen)
A tasty new Scottish snack; cheese cutting studied; a goatee for the playoffs.

Lightning Fill-in-the-Blank (Listen)
All the news we couldn't fit anywhere else.

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