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Phil Koeghan. Photo: Tony Esparza/CBS
Phil Koeghan Host of 'The Amazing Race'

Heard on Air:

Locust RecipesThe Taste: of the Locust.

Boston Accent problems Taming: The Baaahston Accent.

Gave Birth at 56 Soar: Sweet Eagle.

Naked X Ray MachinesX-Ray: Marks the Naked Spot.


Nov. 13, 2004

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HOST: Peter Sagal
NOT MY JOB GUEST: Phil Koeghan, Host of 'The Amazing Race'

This Week's Panelists:

• Comedian Paula Poundstone
• Author of All the Presidents Pets, Mo Rocca
• Humorist and author of the new book, I Am the Cat, Don't Forget That, Roy Blount, Jr.

Round 1

Who's Carl This Time? (Listen)
Goodbye to the man who created Shabby Chic; A Bush cabinet official declares his work is done; ABC gets the FCC treatment.

Opening Panel Round (Listen)
The sex-ray; Customer service hijinks; A cell phone with "rovering" charges.

Round 2

Bluff the Listener (Listen)
Silver hair? Here's the Silver Lining: Three stories about new opportunities for the elderly. (See the real story.

Not My Job (Listen)
The host of CBS's Amazing Race and of Discovery's NOW: No Opportunity Wasted, Phil Keoghan, plays a game called "Helmets? Not For These He Men." It's three questions about the early history of the National Football League from Michael McCambridge's history titled America's Game.

Round 3

Panel Round, Part 2 (Listen)
A government official shows a bit too much of his private sector; Thirty-two nations say "Hello I must be going..."

Second Round of Who's Carl? (Listen)
Republicans look to Uncle Remus in their fight against Democrats; Yes, it's the media's fault; A creepy Xmas for one and all.

Lightning Fill in the Blank (Listen)
All the news we couldn't fit anywhere else....

Panelist Predictions (Listen)
What will be the big surprise to come out of the Bush Cabinet shuffle?

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