Sept. 4, 2004

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HOST: Peter Sagal
NOT MY JOB GUEST: Columnist Jimmy Breslin

This Week's Panelists:

Washington Post Style section reporter Roxanne Roberts
Chicago Sun-Times columnist, and co-host of Ebert and Roeper at the Movies, Richard Roeper
• Author and humorist, Roy Blount, Jr.

Round 1

Who's Carl (Listen)
Someone's attempt at humor; a really, really mad democrat; the New York critics give a big thumbs down to an opening by two famous young women.

Opening Panel Round (Listen)
New York City becomes a banana republic for a day; the mother-in-law who had a need for speed.

Round 2

Bluff the Listener (Listen)
" do you say 'my bad' in Swahili?" Three stories about international diplomacy boo boos.

Not My Job (Listen)
New York Newsday columnist Jimmy Breslin returns to Wait Wait to report on the Republican National Convention and play a game called, "They're offering 15 to 1 that you win this game." Three questions about the strange betting habits of Britons from a recent New York Times article.

(See the real story.)

Panel Round, Part 2 (Listen)
Ariel Sharon's security team forgets one key thing.

Round 3

Panel Round, Part 3 (Listen)
An offending condiment; The most-resented gift; Voices where one would really rather not hear anyone.

Who's Carl This Time? (Listen)
Vacations ruined; South Korea's incessant whine; The Bronx Bombers bomb real badly.

Lightning Fill in the Blank (Listen)
All the news we couldn't fit anywhere else.

Panelist Predictions (Listen)
What were the outtakes from Jenna and Barbara Bush's speech before the RNC?

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