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Not My Job Guest

Tim Zagat
Tim Zagat of the Zagat Survey

Heard on Air:

Turkmen President Bans Lip Synching 'Don't Kill Talents': A New Turkmenistan Edict.

Army Vet Gets 'Bomber' Credit Card Offer Approved for Credit: Plus, Offensive Salutations Free of Charge.

All 'mates' again in Australian Parliament A Ban on 'Mates': Goes Down Under.

Man busted after low-tech attempt to pass fake $50 bill Counterfeiting: Who Needs Printers?


Aug.27, 2005

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GUEST HOST: Adam Felber
NOT MY JOB GUEST: Tim Zagat of the Zagat Surveys

This Week's Panelists:
Boston Globe writer Charlie Pierce
• TV Personality and author of the book All the President's Pets, Mo Rocca
• Comedienne Paula Poundstone

Round 1

Carl Kassell's Reruns (Listen)
TV themes that reminded us of three stories from the week's news.

» Music Cue: "Laverne and Shirley"
CD Title: Television's Greatest Hits 70s & 80s
Label: TeeVee Tunes

» Music Cue: "Movin' on Up"
Artist: Janet Dubois and Oren Waters
Composer: Barry/Dubois
CD Title: Tube Tunes Vol. 1
Label: Rhino Records

» Music Cue: "Green Acres"
Artist: Eva Gabor and Eddie Albert
Composer: Vic Mizzy
CD Title: Television's Greatest Hits
Label: TVT Records

Opening Panel Round (Listen)
What aren't those monkeys into?

» Music Cue: "It's Easy to Remember"
Artist: Bing Crosby
Composer: Richard Rodgers/Lorenz Hart
CD Title: 60 Crooners Songs Vol. 4
Label: TKO Licensing

Round 2

Listener Bluff (Listen)
Thanks, Monty Hall: Three stories about someone using game-show tactics in the real world.

» Music Cue: "Let's Make a Deal"

Not My Job (Listen)
Tim Zagat of the Zagat Survey restaurant guides plays a game called "You're a Human Puppet Performing Sinister and Crafty Acts for the Imperialist Aggressors." Three questions about North Korea's official news service.

» Music Cue: "The Super Supper March"
Composer: Seuss/Poddany
CD Title: The Cat in the Hat Songbook
Label: BMG

Round 3

Panel Round Two (Listen)
Doctors, be sure to take note of your patients' feelings; One quick but dumb way to make $50; A California man gets some really unwanted mail.

Who's Carl This Time? (Listen)
This week's Back-Peddling Award winner; It's just missing the bell-bottoms; The man who helped many make terrible music.

Lightning Fill-in-the-Blank(Listen)
All the news we couldn't fit anywhere else.

Prediction (Listen)
What unexpected clause will we find in the Iraq constitution?

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