NPR : Wait Wait -- Don't Tell Me! : Messages By Carl Kasell

Carl Kasell

Carl Kasell


When you're not there to answer your phone, treat your friends, bill collectors and telemarketers to the dulcet tones of radio personality and the Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! Official Judge and Scorekeeper, Carl Kasell! There's only one way, aside from being related to Carl, to have his voice on your answering machine, though. You have to submit to the rigorous weekly gauntlet that is the Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! News Quiz, and be on the show!

Here are a few of the messages that Carl has put on the answering machines of some of our lucky winners:

Recent Recordings

Screening Calls I can't reach them either.

Screening Calls Leave your name at the _______.

Limerick Carl's the Voice

From the Vault

What's New Puyssycat What's New Pussycat?

I Feel Cheap I Feel Cheap

I Sound Like Carl I Sound Like Carl

Oklahoma! Oklahoma!

Trapped in the Basement Trapped in the Basement