National Story Project
with Paul Auster

Paul Auster

Paul Auster reads YOUR submissions for the National Story Project.

Submission Details
Here's all you have to do to send your story to Paul Auster: You can e-mail or write to the listed address. You don't need to worry about typing your submission -- long-hand will do. And don't worry about grammar or making the letter perfect. The one thing that is important, however, is that the story is a true one. As for length, your story can be anywhere from two paragraphs to two pages and it can cover any kind of topic. It can be funny or sad or ironic. It can be a family story or one a friend told you. It can be something that unfolded over decades or in just five minutes.

The project is a collaboration between you and Paul Auster. Auster will take your stories -- your true stories -- and tweak, revise and rewrite them where needed. Then on the next installment of The National Story Project, Auster will read the stories he's worked over.

Send your letters to:
The National Story Project
PMB 206
123 7th AVE
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Or e-mail them to:

Please provide your name, where you are from and your telephone number. If your story is chosen but you wish to have your name withheld when it is read on the air, please let us know.

The National Story Project can be heard the first Saturday of every month on Weekend All Things Considered.

The National Story Project Series Producers are Rebecca Davis and Davar Ardalan.

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