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Best Music Of 2020

2020 Was The Year Of Dancing By Ourselves

As dance floors stood empty, a wide spectrum of dance music transformed bedrooms into clubs, kitchens into discotheques and backyards into glow-stick raves.

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Opinion: 'Twas The Night Before Christmas in 2020

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Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Franz Strauss
Crying Julian Lage
Fireflies Lights & Motion
Mother's Love Vernon Spring
The Colorful Stabwound Mum
Levitating Dua Lipa
New Rules (Instrumental) Vox Freaks
Stay a While The Cactus Channel
Ciruela Dontcry, Casiio
Sunrise on Southey Street Stan Forebee, Kyle McEvoy
Requiem for John Hurt John Fahey
Cargo Rhodes Stan Forebee
Homesickness Pt. 2 Tseuge-Maryam Guebrou
Blue Book Tom Doolie

Weekend Edition SaturdayWeekend Edition Saturday