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Christian Robinson/Random House Children's Books

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A Father's Day Gift From Meghan To Harry Is Now A Kids' Book

For Prince Harry's first Father's Day, the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan, got him a bench — and wrote a poem about the moments she hoped her husband and their son would share together there.

Branches Library Tapes, Julia Kent
The Pretender - Foo Fights Cover Instrumental Roy Paci & Aretuska
8 Años Hermanos Gutierrez

Artist Duane Koyawena learned he was going to be a father while in rehab. He says he's stayed sober for the sake of his daughter, Peyton. Courtesy of Duane Koyawena hide caption

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Courtesy of Duane Koyawena

A Hopi Artist Grapples With His Complicated Legacy And Learns To Be A Better Father

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Up in Hudson Dirty Projectors
Consequences Joan Armatrading
Sunrise - Instrumental Joan Armatrading
10 Misled Children
Alberto Balsalm Will Van Horn
Tearjerker Ryuichi Sakamoto
Funk #49 James Gang
Emissions Des Sources Mobiles Melodium
Africa Will Be Great Again Femi Kuti

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