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Music Cues: Scott Simon's Essays

Scott Simon
Scott Simon at work
Scott's essays are what we at Weekend Edition Saturday call the "music cue." They come after the Week-in-Review segment of the program -- when Dan Schorr reviews and comments on the big news stories of the week. Scott's "music cue" is his contribution to the week's news. It is not an editorial, but rather a musing on something that caught his attention that week -- something that distinguishes the week from the week before or the week before that.

In 1989, Scott won a George Foster Peabody Award for his radio essays. The award commended him for his sensitivity for coverage of events including the murder of six Jesuit priests in El Salvador, the San Francisco earthquake and the death of playwright Samuel Beckett. Sometimes the bit of music at the end of the essay will simply complement the lyricism of the essay ... sometimes it will add the punchline ... or reflect the mood. But more often than not they accompany the music that is already in Scott's writing ... and the power of his thoughts.

The Giants Steal the Pennant? --(February 3, 2001)-- Scott with some thoughts about this week's revelation that Bobby Thompson's 1951 home run, which helped the Giants win the pennant, may have come about through cheating. (2:40)

White House Transition --(January 27, 2001)-- Scott with some thoughts about the transition into the White House. (2:30)

Wisconsin Weather --(January 13, 2001)-- Scott with some thoughts about a political storm in Dane County, Wisconsin about a supervisor, and his desire to spend his winters in Florida. (2:40)

Eminem --(January 6, 2001)-- Scott has some thoughts about Eminem's Grammy nomination and the furor it's causing. (2:30)

Wilbert Rideau --(December 23, 2000)-- Yesterday, the Court of Appeals in New Orleans overturned the murder conviction of Wilbert Rideau, who spent nearly 40 years in prison for murder. Scott has some thoughts. (2:35)

Sinatra Song for Every Occasion?--(December 16, 2000)-- Scott talks about a new high school in New York named for Frank Sinatra in his weekly essay. (3:00)

Clinton's Last Days--(December 9, 2000)--Scott with some thoughts about Mr. Clinton's lame duck presidency. (2:30)

When I Grow Up... --(December 2, 2000)--Scott muses about how fewer and fewer kids grow up dreaming of becoming the President of the United States. (2:30)

Chads--(November 25, 2000)--Scott with some thoughts about "chads." (2:30)

Voter Fraud--(November 18, 2000)--Scott with some thoughts about voter fraud. (2:30)

Government--(November 11, 2000)--Susan with some thoughts about forms of government. (2:30)

Millenial March--(April 29, 2000)--Scott's thoughts about the Millenial March for Gay & Lesbian Rights. (2:30)

Elian Gonzales--(April 8, 2000)--Scott with some thoughts about the battle over Elian. (2:30)

The Supreme Court and Strippers--(April 1, 2000)--Scott with some thoughts about this week's Supreme Court ruling on nude dancing. (2:30)

Mozambique Floods --(March 4, 2000) --Scott has some thoughts about a report this week about a woman in Mozambique giving birth in a tree. (2:30)

Diallo -- (February 26, 2000) -- Scott with some thoughts on the verdict of the four police officers accused of murdering Amadou Diallo. (2:30)

Political Entertainment -- (February 19, 2000) -- Scott with some thoughts about the television show "Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire," which scored huge ratings this week, and about the presidential debates, which did not. (2:30)

Political Birth Rights -- (February 12, 2000) -- Scott with some thoughts about the political birth rights of presidential candidates. (2:30)

Adlai Stevenson -- (February 5, 2000) -- Scott with some thoughts about Adlai Stevenson, on his centennial. (2:30)

Childen at War -- (January 29, 2000) -- Scott with some thoughts about children at war. (2:30)

Abe Pollin -- (January 22, 2000) -- Scott with the some thoughts about the generosity of millionaires. (2:30)

Media and the Government -- (January 15, 2000) -- Scott muses on the revelation that the government offered to allow the television networks the opportunity to trade public service announcements for anti-drug plotlines. (2:30)

John Rocker -- (January 8, 2000) -- In celebration of the new millennium, Scott shares his thoughts on the last century. (11:00)

The New Millennium -- (January 1, 2000) -- In celebration of the new millennium, Scott shares his thoughts on the last century. (11:00)

Death at Xmas -- (December 25, 1999) -- On Thursday night, a man dying of heart attack pulled into NPR's driveway to get help. Though enormous efforts were made to revive him, he passed away. His death made us all think twice about this Christmas season, and Scott shares his thoughts. (2:30)

Charles Schultz -- (December 18, 1999) -- Scott talks about "Peanuts" creator, Charles Schultz and his sustained comic performance. (2:30)

Worcester Firefighters -- (December 11, 1999) -- Scott remembers the six firemen who were tragically killed this past week in Worcester, Massachussetts. (2:30)

Leonard Zakin -- (December 4, 1999) -- Leonard Zakin died this past week. Scott remembers the former head of the Anti-Defamation League in Massachussetts. (2:30)

The Book of Common Prayer -- (November 27, 1999) -- Scott talks about the 450th anniversary of The Book of Common Prayer. (2:30)

Jesse Jackson -- (November 20, 1999) -- Scott wonders why Jesse Jackson has decided to get involved in the expulsion of students in Decatur, Illinois. (2:30)

Jerry Falwell -- (November 13, 1999) -- Scott Simon reflects on Jerry Falwell's changing his attitude about gays. (2:39)

Walter Payton -- (November 6, 1999) -- Scott remembers football great Walter Payton. (2:30)