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100 Best Album Covers
January 22, 2000

Blind Faith Pink Floyd, The Dark Side of the Moon
Design by Hipgnosis and George Hardie

Graphic designer Storm Thorgerson says "the ubiquitous Net has a lot to answer for" when it comes to discussing the quality of today's album covers. As music is increasingly distributed via the Internet, the classic album cover is becoming obsolete. He sees his new book, 100 Best Album Covers: The Stories Behind the Sleeves, as a marker for the passing of an art form.

Nirvana, Nevermind
Design by Robert Fisher, Photography by Kirk Weddle
Scott Simon discusses notable album covers with designer Storm Thorgerson

Hear host Scott Simon speak with Mr. Thorgerson about several notable album covers included in his new book. One of those covers is Nirvana's Nevermind, a bizarre depiction of a naked baby swimming after a dollar bill. Mr. Thorgerson said all the images on this cover are real, but not necessarily real at the same time.

This piece was produced by Charlie Mayer.