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Musician Ben Harper
March 24, 2001

the ben harper catalog
Welcome to the Cruel World, 1994
Fight For Your Mind, 1995
Will To Live, 1997
Burn To Shrine, 1999
Live From Mars, 2001

Even though he forgot his guitar, musician Ben Harper was right at home in NPR's Los Angeles Bureau. The two audio engineers who operate the Bureau are both guitarists and were happy to let Ben jam on their instruments.

He took a few minutes to tune Marcia Caldwell's Takamine EC-132C.
musician Ben Harper tunes Marcia Caldwell's Takamine EC-132C

 He then segued into Roses From My Friends.
musician Ben Harper plays, Roses From My Friends

During the interview, Ben played two songs on the Takamine. We were not able to feature these songs in their entirely during the show, but you can hear them online:

The Woman In You
musician Ben Harper plays, The Woman In You 

I Shall Not Walk Alone
musician Ben Harper plays, I Shall Not Walk Alone

This was not the first time Ben has appeared on NPR. In 1998, he was a featured artist on Anthem.

Noah Adams interviewed him 1994 on All Things Considered.
1994 interview with musician Ben Harper

He spoke with Cy Musiker in 1995 for the program Crossroads.
1995 interview with musician Ben Harper

Ben Harper's new CD, Live From Mars, will be released Tuesday, March 27. He and his band, The Innocent Criminals, are hitting the road this spring. Check Ben Harper's site for tour dates.

Hear John Ydstie's interview with Ben Harper.
2001 interview with musician Ben Harper 

The Holmes Brothers gave us the idea to talk with Ben Harper. They cover the Ben Harper song called I Shall Not Walk Alone on their new album, Speaking in Tongues. John spoke with the Holmes Brothers for the show on March 17.
interview with musicians, The Holmes Brothers