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Weekend Edition Saturday
Fishing with the Chief
April 28, 2001

Scott and Mr. Dombeck
Fishing at Fletcher's Boat House
Photos by Charlie Mayer

On the first day of his retirement, former U.S. Forest Service Chief Michael Dombeck went fishing. The veteran civil servant left his post on March 31, uncertain if the Bush administration would continue conservation policies he crafted under former President Clinton.

Mr. Dombeck's Labrador Retriever, Murphy

Weekend Edition host Scott Simon met Mr. Dombeck for an afternoon of fishing at Fletcher's Boat House, between the C&O Canal and the Potomac River. The expedition mascot was Mr. Dombeck's Labrador retriever, Murphy. In appreciating Murphy's companionship, Mr. Dombeck recalled that President Harry Truman once said that "if you want a friend in Washington, you should get a dog." Listen to Scott Simon's report.
Scott Simon's boating excursion with former Forest Service Chief Michael Dombeck

The Dock
Mr. Dombeck, Scott, Brian and Chris at the dock.

The fish were not biting, but Scott managed to reel in a tree limb. Mr. Dombeck (wearing green) rowed as he taught Scott (wearing black) how to cast. Audio engineer Brian Jarboe (wearing yellow) recorded the trip. Dombeck aide Chris Wood (wearing blue) tied a lure for Scott.

For speeches Mr. Dombeck gave as forest service chief, go to the U.S. Forest Service's Web Site.

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