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Xena: Warrior Princess
June 16, 2001

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The last episode of Xena: Warrior Princess will air nation-wide this month. The series featuring a fierce and fearless warrior princess and her side-kick warrior bard is extremely popular for its strong, sympathetic female characters and its creative risk-taking.

Scott Simon talks with Lucy Lawless, the actress who plays Xena, about the show's popularity and the controversies it has inspired.

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Xena might be leaving television, but she will never be forgotten on the web:

The studio's official site
The fan magazine site
Series history
Fan tributes
The fan club's site

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Listen to the interview as heard on Weekend Edition Saturday.

Lucy Lawless interview

Scott and Lucy Lawless spoke for about 40 minutes. Only a tiny fraction of that interview ended up in the finished story. Here is a collection of memorable outtakes.

Lucy Lawless outtakes