Riverdancing with Scott Simon

Scott Simon learns to Riverdance

June 30, 2001 He's no Michael Flatley. But now, Scott Simon can honestly say he's been a part of the phenomenon that is Riverdance. So what if the only people in the audience were parents of the other students? So what if Scott was the only one wearing black basketball shoes? Scott learned to step dance. Rephrase: Scott tried to learn to step dance. And exclusively for our Internet audience, Weekend Edition Saturday filmed the valiant effort.
Watch a video of Scott practicing his steps.

Scott Simon dancing a jig
Scott Simon, dancing a jig
Photo: Laurel Braitman

Adel Ryan, a high-kicking and incredibly coordinated member of the cast of Riverdance, is leading Master Irish Dance classes this summer as the Riverdance show tours the nation. These classes are open to anyone with a bit of Irish Dance experience and the desire to hop around in the summer heat.

Having its debut in 1995 in Dublin, Riverdance was an immediate sensation. Its fast-stepping cast and infectious music created a surge of interest in contemporary Irish dancing, and spawned a generation of boys and girls around the globe who clamor for tall white socks and clickety-clacking shoes.

In the original Gaelic, the title Riverdance means "Water of Life." The story documents the massive emigration from Ireland after the potato famines of the 19th century. The Irish people left their homes to start new lives in new places places that had their own music and dance. The "Water of Life" represents their need to preserve Irish dance and music while, at the same time, adopting elements from their new culture.

On Weekend Edition Saturday, step along with Scott and his fellow students.

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