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Steve Keene Churns out 100 Paintings a Day

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Jan. 12, 2002 -- For painter Steve Keene, there are three essential considerations for assessing art: Volume! Volume! Volume!

Oliver Sacks
A depiction of the group Blondie, by Steve Keene.

In this, he has something in common with "instant artist" Morris Katz, and Thomas Kinkade, a painter whose mainstream appeal is now being cross-franchised into home furnishings and even housing developments.

But for Keene, the idea of painting in volume seems more elemental. At least half-a-dozen times during his interview with Scott Simon for Weekend Edition Saturday, he referred to his work as a "game," or, perhaps more accurately, a "sport."

In his studio, he lines up panels of cheap plywood and paints about 100 of each "design," one after the other, every day. He's less concerned with the art itself than he is with how closely he can get each painting to match. He sells each piece for between $1 and $12.

"Art for the moment" he calls it.

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