"It's Your Muscles"

What makes you smile? What makes you frown?
What makes you stand and run or lie down?
What pulls your bones every time that you move?
What shapes you and makes up at least half of you?

(Chorus) It's your muscles, it's your muscles.
It's your muscles, it's true.
It's your muscles, it's your muscles,
Your muscles help to move every part of you.

To blink an eye, swallow or sip,
To give a kiss, you pucker your lips.
To keep in shape you must exercise, too,
If you want your muscles to be strong for you.


Bend down, reach out,
Flex, extend and walk about.
Stretching helps your muscles to improve.
Biceps, triceps, quadriceps and gluteus,
You can feel you're really in the groove!

Curl up your hands, wiggle your toes.
Blow a balloon, wrinkle your nose.
These are some things that your muscles can do.
Remember, your heart is a muscle, too!


Music and lyrics copyright 2005, Jane and Steven Schoenberg. Reprinted with permission.