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audio button May 9, 1999

April March
American born, former animator for The Ren & Stimpy Show sings in French... You'll be transported back with this pop that seems to spring right out of 1960's France. Chrominance Decoder is her new cd on Ideal Records. Check out the website - VERY cool Shockwave site.

Jon Hassell
Avant-garde trumpeter is featured on the tremendous The End of Violence soundtrack (Outpost Recordings), music by Ry Cooder.

Till Bronner
Breathy singer/trumpeter, nice night music on his new cd, Love, on the Verve label.

Junko Onishi
Energizing Japanaese pianist. Fragile is her latest, on Blue Note.

Cibo Matto
Funky, hip pop from a Japanese duo in New York, Yuka Honda and Miho Hatori. Stereotype A, due out on Warner Brothers in June, features them playing with other hipsters including Billy Martin, John Medeski, Marc Ribot and Sean Lennon.

United States Three
Creature is their latest 22-minute "mini-LP", filled with weird and catchy pop songs. A full-length cd is due out this summer on the fascinating Flat Earth label, based in Indianapolis.

Mocean Worker
real name is Adam Dorn (son of jazz producer Joel), his music runs from ambient to techno to hip hop. Mixed Emotional Features is on the Palm Pictures label.

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