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audio button July 28, 2002

Medeski Martin and Wood
Uninvisible by Medeski, Martin and Wood

Medeski Martin and Wood
Three groovsters bringing rock, jazz, beats, and the avant garde together through the magic of Hammond B3 and drum 'n' bass. MMW's cd Uninvisible is on Blue Note.

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Flyin' the Koop by Stanton Moore
Flyin' the Koop by Stanton Moore

Stanton Moore
Bassist Chris Wood of MMW fame helps out drummer Stanton Moore on his album Flyin' the Koop on Verve. Moore takes a break from his regular gig with Galactic to create some of the best, funkiest, and tightest New Orleans-inspired sounds around.

audio button Listen to "Prairie Sunset"

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Uberjam by John Scofield
Uberjam by John Scofield

John Scofield
Guitarist John Scofield helped the late Miles Davis explore intersections of jazz and rock in the 1980s. Lately he's been strutting his stuff as a terrific funk/dance player. Uberjam is on Verve Records.

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