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Ned Wharton and Liane Hansen
Ned Wharton and Liane Hansen.

As music director of Weekend Edition Sunday, Ned Wharton supervises music continuity for the show, keeps tabs on what's new and noteworthy in the music world and produces many of the artist features heard on our program.

Feb. 15, 2004

Cover of 'The Power Out' by Electrelane
The Power Out (Too Pure Records)

Electrelane -- a band of four women hailing from Brighton, England -- plays some smart post-punk along with guitar atmospherics on The Power Out. Lyrics in German, Spanish, French and English include quotes from Nietzche and English poet Siegfried Sassoon.

Listen 'Gone Under Sea'

Listen 'On Parade'

Listen 'The Valleys'

Mylab (Terminus Records)

Keyboardist Wayne Horvitz and producer-engineer Tucker Martine make up the Seattle-based band Mylab. On their self-titled debut CD, the two cook up some wild and wonderful sonic cocktails. Taking folk recording loops and grooves as starting points, the duo eventually opted for live players to recreate those sounds. The cast of musicians is first-rate: guitarist Bill Frisell, drummer Bobby Previte, sax player Skerik, banjo player Danny Barnes and a host of others.

Listen 'Land Trust Picnic'

Listen 'Fancy Party Cakes'

Listen 'Phil and Jerry'

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