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Ned WhartonAs music director of Weekend Edition Sunday, NPR's Ned Wharton supervises music continuity for the show, keeps tabs on what's new and noteworthy in the music world and produces many of the artist features heard on our program.

'Quadiophiliac' Cover of 'Quadiophiliac'
Frank Zappa was a pioneer in multi-channel sound, and as far back as 1970 he was taping four-channel mixes of his music. His son Dweezil recently discovered a treasure trove of these tapes, and DTS Entertainment has now released Quadiophiliac, a surround sound DVD-Audio disc that presents this music in its full glory.

Hear Selections from Frank Zappa:

Listen 'Rollo'
(previously unreleased recording and title)

Listen 'Chunga Basement'
(previously unreleased recording)

Listen 'Venusian Time Bandits'
(previously unreleased live recording)

From the Archives

Listen Ned Wharton's 1993 Appreciation of Frank Zappa

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