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Ned Wharton and Liane Hansen
Ned Wharton and Liane Hansen.

As music director of Weekend Edition Sunday, Ned Wharton supervises music continuity for the show, keeps tabs on what's new and noteworthy in the music world and produces many of the artist features heard on our program.

July 6, 2003

'The Reputation' album cover
The Reputation

The Reputation
High-power garage rock from Northwestern Law alum Elizabeth Elmore, former frontgrrl for the Champaigne, Illinois-based group Sarge. The Reputation's self-titled CD is on Initial Records.

audio button Listen to an audio clip of "Either Coast" from The Reputation.

'Big Ideas' album cover
Big Ideas

The Churchills
Formerly one of Billboard Magazine's "best unsigned bands" from New York, The Churchills were picked up by Universal, but now find themselves once again unsigned. They're distributing their new CD, Big Ideas, on their Web site.

audio button Listen to an audio clip of "Lights Are On But No One's Home" from The Churchills.

Ned's other suggestions for high-octane drivin' music:

'Professor Ratbaggy' album cover
Professor Ratbaggy

Professor Ratbaggy
This one is a challenge to track down, since it's an import, but well worth the search: Aussie singer/songwriter Paul Kelly released a one-off disc of terrific grooves under the name Professor Ratbaggy. The self-titled CD is available from EMI Australia.

audio button Listen to an audio clip of "Blowfly" from Professor Ratbaggy.

'Jing Chi Live!' album cover
Jing Chi Live!

'Jing Chi Live!'
Closet prog-rock/fusion fans will appreciate the blistering virtuosity of this group, especially from guitarist Robben Ford. Jing Chi Live! is available from Tone Center Records.

audio button Listen to an audio clip of "That Road" from Jing Chi Live!.

'Yes New York' album cover
Yes New York

'Yes New York'
Taking a cue from Brian Eno's 1978 compilation of New York bands called No New York, Yes New York is a new survey of the Big Apple's post-punk scene, with contributions from Radio 4, Longwave, The Natural History and The Rogers Sisters. On Wolfgang Morden Records.

audio button Listen to an audio clip of "Zero Point" by the Rogers Sisters from Yes New York.

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