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Thievery Corporation

Thievery Corporation Liane Hansen with the Thievery Corporation, Rob Garza and Rob Hilton, at their 18th Street Lounge Studio. Photo by JT Barlow

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Despite its name, Thievery Corporation is actually a cottage industry run by two young, suave and savvy music entrepreneurs. Eric Hilton and Rob Garza first bonded in 1995 at the 18th Street Lounge in Washington over cocktails and conversation about the state of electronic music.

Today, they have a record label, a recording studio, a stellar roster of musicians, a keen ear for unconventional grooves, and an uncanny knack for creating new songs with old sounds. Their latest recording, The Mirror Conspiracy, is out on their label, ESL - which stands for 18th Street Lounge - where Thievery Corporation is still based. Eric Hilton and Rob Garza invited Liane over for cocktails and conversation in the Gold Room.

--- interview with musician-entrepreneurs known as, Thievery Corporation Listen to the Weekend Edition Sunday story about Thievery Corporation.

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