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Challenge given May 1, 2005:

Name a well known person in politics, first and last names. In this person's first name change the short "o" sound to a long "I" The result phonetically will name a feature of many live tv broadcasts. What is it? THE ANSWER: TOM DELAY and TIME DELAY

The winner: Rabbi Joshua Waxman, from Fort Washington, Pa.

Challenge given April 24, 2005:

From Jeffery Harris of Nashville, Tennessee: Take a five-letter word meaning "having an unpleasant smell." Insert it backward, inside another five-letter word meaning, "having a strong smell." The result will be a ten-letter name of a famous composer. Who is it? THE ANSWER: GROSS + MUSKY = MUSSORGSKY

The winner: Daniel Shapiro from Cleveland, Ohio.

Challenge given April 17, 2005:

From a new puzzle book by Serhiy Grabarchuk, The New Puzzle Classics: Put ten dots on a piece of paper, in the form of a ten-pip domino. It will look the same as a pair of dice with fives on them side by side. You can number the top row of dots one to four; the two middle dots five and six; and the bottom row of dots seven and ten. Now, the object is to draw a closed loop of four consecutive straight lines, going through each of the dots once. Draw a straight line. From the end of that, draw another straight line. From the end of that draw a third straight line, and from the end of that draw one more straight line that returns to your starting point. Every dot must be crossed once. Can you do it? Your solution can give the number of the dots in each of your four lines. THE ANSWER: Set the domino horizontally so four pips are aligned across the top, two pips are aligned in the middle, and the four last pips are aligned on the bottom. And you start by drawing a horizontal line, left to right, through the top four pips. The tricky part is to begin this line to the left of the first pip and end it to the right of the fourth pip. Next you draw a slanting line diagonally down thru the second pip of the middle row, ending to the left of the bottom row of pips. Next you draw a horizontal line across the bottom four pips, extending the line out pass the last one. Finally, you would draw a slanting line diagonally up thru the first pip in the middle row, ending at your point. { 1 2 3 4 5 7 8 9 10 6 1}

The winner: John Robinson, from Iowa City, Iowa.

Challenge given April 10, 2005:

Take the phrase "sick sunbather." Rearrange the 13 letters to name a famous song from the 1960s. It's a song everyone knows. THE ANSWER: BACK IN THE USSR.

The winner: Lissa Chaloff from Evanston, Ill.

Challenge given April 3, 2005:

This challenge is from Don Lemke, via the Internet: Think of a famous person in history with five letters in the first name and four letters in the last. You can rearrange the letters in this person's first name to spell a term used in a certain game. And you can rearrange the letters in the last name to spell the game in which this term is used. What are these terms? THE ANSWER: MARCO POLO... CAROM and POOL.

The winner: Sue Marsh from Bells, Tenn.

Challenge given March 27, 2005:

Name four well known brand names, in five letters each, each of which contain two X's. THE ANSWER: XANAX, EXXON, XEROX, EXLAX.

The winner: Neils Nielsen from Bethesda, Md.

Challenge given March 20, 2005:

A challenge from Todd Timmcke, of Edmonds, Washington: Take the names of two state capitals -- 13 letters altogether. Rearrange the letters to name two different creatures that once roamed the plains. What creatures are these? THE ANSWER: BOSTON and MADISON = BISON and MASTODON

The winner: Glenn Grayson of Overland Park, Kansas.

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