The Hubble Space Telescope Roadshow : 13.7: Cosmos And Culture A documentary looking at Hubble's effect on people.
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The Hubble Space Telescope Roadshow

A reader alerted me to this.

The Hubble Roadshow focuses on how the telescope and its results have effected ordinary people. It's a project looking for funding on Kickstarter.

From the website...

The Hubble Roadshow is a grassroots, self distribution plan to share the innovative new documentary Saving Hubble through a series of unique, public events that create dialogue and build community. We will create opportunities for participants to ask powerful questions. The structure of the universe and the meaning of life will be revealed, triggering thought-provoking, non-partisan dialogue, bringing people together, fostering exchange. The events will feature scientists, artists, and all things space related that will unite in each chosen city....

The project pages are worth checking out.

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