'Water Me': When Your Plant Messages You : 13.7: Cosmos And Culture Forgetful about watering that Boston fern? Don't worry, the plant will send a reminder message to your cellphone when it's time.
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'Water Me': When Your Plant Messages You

Let's say you are good with animals, but plants don't thrive in your care. Your thumb is far from green, and, guilt-stricken at the condition of your Boston fern or begonia, you've signed up for a support group for the botanically challenged.

Let me come clean: I have just described myself. (Well, I might try the support group someday.) And now, thanks to a column by Diane Ackerman in today's New York Times, I have discovered that technology is at the ready to help me — or you.

A company called Botanicalls has developed a kit that allows your plant to send a message to your mobile phone when it needs water. The plant may also express gratitude, if you care for it well.

Ackerman's riff on the possibilities of inter-species communication between humans and plants is worth a read.