Craving A Lazy Day? This Chimpanzee "Gets" It (Video Clip) : 13.7: Cosmos And Culture Feel like taking it slow this morning? Just follow the lead of this alpha male chimpanzee from Senegal.

Craving A Lazy Day? This Chimpanzee "Gets" It (Video Clip)

Jill Pruetz YouTube

We all have them: Days when we just want to take it down a notch, even as others around us burst with energy.

David, alpha-male chimpanzee at Fongoli in Senegal, had a morning like that recently. While other males vocalized (pant-hooted) with gusto, a perfectly hale and hearty David ... just couldn't be bothered, as this video bit shows.

The clip was posted by biological anthropologist Jill Pruetz. Pruetz's ground-breaking discoveries at Fongoli include chimpanzees wielding spears as they hunt smaller primates.

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