The Koan Of The Cat And The Frog : 13.7: Cosmos And Culture September offers fresh starts and, sometimes, extra stresses. Commentator Barbara J. King says this one-minute video clip will bring us all back to a place of calm.

The Koan Of The Cat And The Frog

Any of us connected with the school calendar — teachers and academic staff, students and their parents — are right now plunging into new beginnings.

September brings a fresh season, also, in the publishing world, in theater and dance and music, and in some sports.

Coupled with the excitement of all this newness are the challenges of a faster pace. As the days of summer dwindle and the evenings darken earlier, our calendars may swell with more and more commitments.

I've got just the thing to keep near when things get stressful:


Yes, it might appear to be merely a 55-second video clip of a cat with a frog on its head.

But it's so much more. It's a lovely little injection of calm.

Watch the breeze gently stirring the cat's whiskers, the contented closing of the cat's eyes, the frog's stillness as it perches atop the head of an animal capable of consuming it for a snack.

Here we find a tiny island of serenity to carry forward into the fall.

Barbara's most recent book on animals was released in paperback in April. You can keep up with what she is thinking on Twitter: @bjkingape