Introducing ... : A Blog Supreme Wait, so NPR is launching a jazz blog?
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Courtesy of Blue Note Records

Wait, so NPR is launching a jazz blog?

If you're like most of the people who read that sentence, you're probably thinking that you don't really need this Tylenol PM for your insomnia after all. We at A Blog Supreme are perfectly aware that our driving passion for jazz isn't exactly shared by everyone — or even everyone who cares deeply about music. Which is OK, of course — one oughtn't force anyone to like anything. But it's our goal here to create something equally compelling for both those who have but the slightest passing interest in anything-which-is-or-might-be-related-to-jazz, and for those wackos who are actually geeked by the mere idea of more Quality Jazz Internet (for which I raise my hand, sheepishly).

One of the stanchions supporting our little corner of bandwidth is that NPR Music and its partner stations already put out a lot of jazz content. Every week there's a new Take Five list, a new JazzSet concert, a new Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz. Add to that frequent NPR interviews or profiles of prominent jazz musicians and a smattering of album or track reviews. Plus, we work with WBGO to broadcast/Webcast live from the Village Vanguard at least once a month — and we're beginning to be able to offer podcast downloads of those shows too. And behind all this is a vast jazz archive (Jazz Profiles, anyone?) and a network of people who care deeply about jazz and want to see it thrive somewhere — and why not here?

Basically, we've got plenty of jazz resources — but it all gets sort-of thrown up there, whether on the air or on the Web. What we don't have is a voice, a way to get foster a discussion about the cool stories, interesting artists and underlying issues that for whatever reason don't make it out otherwise. Heck, we don't have much of an ongoing discussion either — at least not in the way that blog technology has proven to be able to generate.

What we're after with A Blog Supreme is a new kind of jazz coverage, at least for NPR. Something more akin to the way people notice and talk about things on the Internet today; no less serious, but somewhat more casual. And one that we want you, the greater jazz community, to join in directly.

You'll see a whole bunch of stuff here: interviews, news, commentary, mp3s, special reports, features about new music, and a bunch of other awesome things we haven't thought up yet. At times, we may sound like our own horn-tooter; hopefully at others, we'll be our own whistle-blower. And behind all that, we hope you'll notice both our abiding reverence for this great born-in-America art form, and our postmodern critical amusement toward it. Because hell, we already have too much self-righteous seriousness about a music that started in brothels, was played for dance parties, and spawned such amusements as Kenneth Gorelick.

Less talk, more blog. Follow us (@blogsupreme) on Twitter, subscribe to the RSS or simply bookmark us. We'll be waiting for you to join the conversation.