Ask Me Now: The FAQs : A Blog Supreme Or, Tomorrow Is The Frequently Asked Questions!

Ask Me Now: The FAQs

Or, Tomorrow Is The Frequently Asked Questions!

What is this?
A Blog Supreme is a running journal -- a Weblog, if you will -- about jazz music and culture, curated by NPR Music staff and its partner station allies. We like almost all kinds of jazz, except the bad kinds, and we like most everything about jazz, except when it stinks. And we aspire to write about this music we love in fun ways that make sense to both the casual listener and the life-long buff. Still curious? A longer-winded elaboration.

What is this "Internet" thing I keep hearing about?
I know, I know: even in 2009, the jazz blogosphere is still approaching critical mass. That's part of why we're here. NPR Music puts out great jazz content every week, but we're still looking for some unity to it all. We see the potential of this blog publishing format as a way of working through ideas in ways that many listeners and readers are already accustomed to today. In fact, we're counting on you to join in.

So I should comment, right?
Absolutely. This blog will go nowhere without your recommendations, opinions and other assorted nitpicking. We presume you'll even be the ones inspiring us. All you need is an NPR Community account -- register here if you haven't already. A measure of common-sense civility would help too. And keep an eye out for the site-wide terms of use.

What's with the name?
It's derived from the classic John Coltrane album A Love Supreme -- which is, to be clear, one that still inspires us on every listen. But it's also a play on words, because while we're "as serious as your life," to quote McCoy Tyner, we're also more casual at going about it than your average jazz discourse. Plus, it sort of sounds like a type of burrito you'd order at Taco Bell, and I don't know about you, but I find that hilarious.

So what kind of stuff will be on here?
Well, everything we can get, as frequently as we can. News, commentary, rough-cut audio interviews, IM chats, hyperlinks like whoa, music discovery and recommendations, analysis, streaming mp3s, embedded videos and sub-genres of journalism that don't exist yet. In other words, it's a catchall for the awesome parts of the jazz Internet. I'll try to keep the news bits free of any dogmas or other ideological plagues, or at least issue them out in the open. If mine surface in any way, I expect you to call me on it.

You keep alternating between singular first person and the royal "we." Who are you, really?
"I" am Patrick Jarenwattananon -- I'm the overall editor and glorified aficionado behind A Blog Supreme. I once ran the jazz programming at WKCR in New York, and eventually became an intern for NPR Music. Now I'm a not-intern for NPR Music. Um ... I also read the Internet a bunch?

"We" are NPR Music at large. That includes members of the team who are regular blog contributors, like Lars Gotrich and Mike Katzif, and key players from NPR's Arts Desk: editor Tom Cole and producer/reporter Felix Contreras. Folks like Josh Jackson of WBGO will pop in from time to time. And then there's the Boss Lady, who keeps us all in line.

Can we contact you directly, either singular or plural?
Sure thing: hit us up at blogsupreme [at] npr [dot] org. Follow us on Twitter: @blogsupreme. But the comments do work nicely too.