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NPR logo Craig Haynes, Earshot Jazz, DORF: The Tuesday Link Dump

Craig Haynes, Earshot Jazz, DORF: The Tuesday Link Dump

So about that Thelonious Monk competition held here in D.C.: a full report is coming soon. In the meanwhile, the Times has a scoop, as does the Washington City Paper.

Ask A Jazz Musician: Ever been dying to ask Craig Haynes — sometimes drummer, son of Roy Haynes — a question? Now's your chance, courtesy of the New York Times City Room blog. Perhaps the idea was to put the spotlight on a journeyman — the kind who isn't above supplementing his income by dressing up as a superhero and playing the saxophone outside Yankee Stadium, but also has immediate access to a real talk jazz legend.

A Theory Of NPR's Taste In Black Music: Here's an interesting piece from Slate's music critic Jody Rosen surveying what types of black artists NPR presents on air and at NPR Music. He summarizes what he sees and hears as DORF: dead, old, retro and foreign. No further comment for now, because I could go on about this for a goodly incoherent while. But I'll leave you with some food for thought: with all the mentors, teachers and older artists still in the game, is there any way for jazz journalism in this day and age to not be at least a little bit DORF? And is that necessarily a bad thing for jazz's reception in the pop culture mainstream?

Earshot Jazz Festival: Let it be noted: Seattle's upcoming Earshot Jazz Festival looks like it's going to be phenomenal. The lineup is all over the stylistic map; a Seattle Times article highlights the diversity of the festival bill.

First Listening: For today only! Hear both the new Vijay Iyer album Historicity and the new Miguel Zenon album Esta Plena for free at Two of the albums of the year, in my humble opinion.

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