Death Of [Blank], ECM Remixed, Des Moines: The Tuesday Link Dump : A Blog Supreme Links from around the Jazz Internet, including the death of hip-hop, the Central Brooklyn Jazz Consortium, ECM's catalog remixed, more Wynton Marsalis talking about the blues and something called the "Des Moines Jazz Hall Of Fame."
NPR logo Death Of [Blank], ECM Remixed, Des Moines: The Tuesday Link Dump

Death Of [Blank], ECM Remixed, Des Moines: The Tuesday Link Dump

Anyone planning to subscribe to JazzTimes now that it's offering a lower-priced digital edition?

SFJ On The Death Of Rap: Sasha Frere-Jones is too smart not to know the ludicrous history of "death-of-genre" claims. He acknowledges this in a recent New Yorker pop column — and yet posits that hip-hop is in some way dying. (Losing its position at the vanguard of pop music, more precisely.) I generally like SFJ's writing, so I gave it a gloss last week and shrugged "whatever, dude" — but then Nate Chinen pointed out a loaded assertion in the piece:

As the marquee names nudge rap into its transitional, synthetic phase, a host of traditionalists are doing strong work in well-known older styles. This movement reminds me of metal and jazz, areas where artists work in a larger number of established subgenres that do small but consistent business with loyal audiences. The claim to shock is traded in favor of a reliable form and a reliable following.

Anyone have any thoughts? Chinen's blog has a few comments already.

Central Brooklyn Jazz Consortium Concert: When people refer to the Brooklyn jazz scene, they're usually talking about events going on in Williamsburg or Park Slope/Gowanus — fashionable places for the young white middle class. Which is why an announcement from the Central Brooklyn Jazz Consortium caught my eye. (A large chunk of Central Brooklyn is historically majority-African American.) They're putting on a 10th anniversary show in late November with musicians who might fly under the radar of most buzz engines, highlighted by Papo Vasquez's band and a coalition group featuring folks like Ahmed Abdullah and Kiane Zawadi. Here's an article and some press material.

Wynton Marsalis On CNN: I generally agree with his assertion that "Racism and greed put blues at the back of the bus," as the headline reads. Some of the other things he talks about I find less convincing, but let's not retread those arguments. Even if I were to agree with him wholeheartedly, why can't jazz find other people to speak for it? Why is Wynton the only one who ever seems to represent jazz in high-visibility forums?

Ricardo Villalobos To Remix ECM Records: Via FACT Magazine. Could be really cool; could be even drier and more spacey. My breath: not bated. But hey, if Madlib can mine the Blue Note vaults ...

Iowa Jazz Celebrities: Not named Beiderbecke. Reedman Frank Perowsky, 74 — also, the father of drummer Ben Perowsky — was one of several musicians recognized last weekend at the Des Moines Jazz Hall Of Fame. Where I might point out: there exists such a thing as the Des Moines Jazz Hall Of Fame, which makes me happy.