Eric Holder, 100 CDs, Miles Earbuds: The Friday Link Dump : A Blog Supreme Interesting tidbits from around the Jazz Internet, including a 100 CD giveaway, Miles Davis earbuds, Clifford Brown on the program of the late Soupy Sales and a pianist fazed by the nation's top lawyer.
NPR logo Eric Holder, 100 CDs, Miles Earbuds: The Friday Link Dump

Eric Holder, 100 CDs, Miles Earbuds: The Friday Link Dump

Where we're covering jazz for haters, but not jazz for jazz haters.

The Long Arm Of The Law: D.C. area smooth jazz pianist Marcus Johnson, who has cracked national charts before and has performed at NPR, was recently in the middle of performing the National Anthem when ... he got nervous. See, Attorney General Eric Holder — Johnson's idol ever since he was a J.D. and MBA candidate at Georgetown — was in the audience, so Johnson got his fingers a bit twisted. Here's a quotation from the Washington Examiner article: "I'm sorry, I'm so nervous right now because this man is my idol," Johnson said, referring to Holder. "I've been on Billboard ... but I'm going to start over." Hey, I don't blame him.

Experiments In Self-Promotion: Seattle-based trumpeter Jason Parker is trying something out with his forthcoming album: he's giving away 100 CDs to whomever happens to come upon one of them. He's getting his friends to help him place specially gift-wrapped packages in random locations throughout major metropolitan areas. So far, he's already gotten a few responses back. I might also mention that if you don't stumble upon a brown paper package, Parker is streaming his entire album online via Bandcamp.

Miles Davis Earbuds: Complete with gold-etched signature and a "Kind of Blue" colored cord. I have a good word for these sorts of things, and it is "Ugh."

RIP Soupy Sales: Just about the only thing I know about the comedian is that he once booked Clifford Brown. Which is a good enough excuse for this: