An Open Letter To The President Of The United States : A Blog Supreme An item in the Washington Post indicated that President Barack Obama may need some new music for his iPod. Felix Contreras offers his help in picking new jazz.
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An Open Letter To The President Of The United States

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"Call me."

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Dear Mr. President,

I saw an item in the Washington Post two days ago that indicated that you need some new music to put in your iPod.

I'd like to help you with that.

I listen to jazz for a living. I listen to a lot of other stuff too. But like you and Mrs. Obama, jazz has been part of my personal playlist for as long as I can remember. I was there at the White House for Mrs. Obama's jazz day back in June and enjoyed her story of hearing jazz throughout her home when she was a youngster.

So while I'm sure your assistant Reggie Love is doing an admirable job in all other respects, I'd like to help him out with some jazz picks.

There's plenty of new stuff to choose from: despite what some say, jazz is alive and doing very well. I get dozens of new CDs weekly, most of them from talented, independent artists who are not only keeping the music alive but also developing it further.

Black, White, Latino, Asian, Native American. Men. Women. Young and old. Jazz musicians symbolize the multi-cultural DNA of this country.

Swing and free. Acoustic and electric. Vocal and instrumental. The various sub-genres reflect a stylistic democracy in jazz.

So, Mr. President, I'll pull aside a stack of CDs I think you might dig and keep an eye on my phone's ID for "The White House" to show up.

By the way, this is not a one time offer. I can keep you bopping and grooving for as long as your iPod holds up.

Felix Contreras

P.S. I have a few colleagues around here who can help with other styles too. We'll totally hook you up! I mean, hook you up, Sir.