Around The Jazz Internet: Apr. 30, 2010 : A Blog Supreme News and notes from around the web, including continuing Jazz Fest coverage, Ethan Iverson on the Heath Brothers, the Undead Jazzfest, a Gabriel Alegria interview, some doubts about ELEW, and some French names on The Checkout.
NPR logo Around The Jazz Internet: Apr. 30, 2010

Around The Jazz Internet: Apr. 30, 2010

I leave for a week and they redesign the blog on us. Well, I'll be. Have a gander and let us know what you think. Now, some links we didn't mention yet:

  • New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival continues in its second of two weekends, but A Blog Supreme's correspondents have returned to our respective home bases. Do follow the New Orleans Times-Picayune for further coverage.
  • Guest post from Ethan Iverson on Destination: Out, featuring some 1969 Heath Brothers action with Don Cherry. Also, from the BBC, a big long feature on Django Bates, feat. Ethan's commentary.
  • The Undead Jazzfest joins the already impressive jazz events (CareFusion New York, Vision Fest 15) going on in New York this June. Think Winter Jazzfest, but not in winter. Yes and yes.
  • A Gabriel Alegria interview in three parts, from the Latin Jazz Corner. Interesting thoughts about the development of a distinct Afro-Peruvian style.
  • Some people like what Eric Lewis, aka ELEW, is up to these days with his "rockjazz." Peter Hum does not. (Also, Ben Ratliff from a year ago.)
  • The new Burning Ambulance 'zine, whose writers' opinions are worth your attention, will be reviewing 31 low-profile jazz albums in the 31 days of May. Follow them here.
  • Not really jazz, but worth thinking about: why has New Orleans hip-hop, very vibrant in the city currently, been given such short shrift in Treme so far?
  • JazzWax this week features an interview with Herb Geller in five parts.
  • The Jazz Session this week interviews Henry Threadgill and Sonny Rollins.
  • The Checkout this week features Jean-Michel Pilc, Jacky Terrasson and actor Wendell Pierce (Antoine Batiste from Treme, host of Jazz at Lincoln Center radio).

And here's a roundup of jazz features elsewhere at NPR Music this week: