Around The Jazz Internet: May 21, 2010 : A Blog Supreme News and notes from around the Web, including Eric Hobsbawm's side hustle, an open call for Nextbop submissions, some epic Richard Davis features, Sam Rivers meets Mosaic Records (again), and two commenting firestorms (and two too many).
NPR logo Around The Jazz Internet: May 21, 2010

Around The Jazz Internet: May 21, 2010

Some items worth your attention:

  • The celebrated historian Eric Hobsbawm moonlighted as a jazz critic for many years. He wrote about it for the London Review of Books.
  • Nextbop has issued an open call for submissions. See here for details.
  • Hank Shteamer on Richard Davis: part 1, and two entire radio programs in part 2.
  • That New York Times blog post about Hank Jones' final apartment has gathered quite a firestorm in the comment section, and that's all I have to say about that.
  • Not every announcement of a new Mosaic Records box set makes my ear perk, but the announcement of private tapes from Sam Rivers' Studio Rivbea certainly does.
  • Jon Garelick on Steve Lacy, and by extension on the Steve Lacy repertory band The Ideal Bread.
  • This Jason Marsalis video rant faux-controversy will not die. Peter Hum pretty much sets it straight, hopefully for good.
  • Japan's Swing Journal is ceasing publication, according to Howard Mandel. Man, if the Japanese mags can't survive ...
  • The British do a thing called the Parliamentary Jazz Awards. Sebastian Scotney reports.
  • JazzWax this week interviews the great reedman Buddy Collette in five parts.
  • The Jazz Session this week interviews Sam Newsome and Peter Erskine.
  • The Checkout this week features Jenny Scheinman and Nick Vayenas, plus new Claudia Quintet music.

An additional mention of other items that did make the blog:

And a recap of other jazz bits at NPR Music: