Around The Jazz Internet: July 16, 2010 : A Blog Supreme News and notes from around the web, including Rafi Zabor on Mike Zwerin, Santana's marriage proposal, Harvey Pekar and Chris McGregor remembered, a Ran Blake top ten and Lady Gaga sings ... Gershwin ... on The Today Show.
NPR logo Around The Jazz Internet: July 16, 2010

Around The Jazz Internet: July 16, 2010

Happy weekend. Some items that went unmentioned this week:

  • Can we just say that Rafi Zabor, author of the novel¬†The Bear Comes Home, is an amazing writer? He eulogizes his friend, critic/trombonist Mike Zwerin, at length for JJA News.
  • Earlier this week, Carlos Santana proposed marriage onstage to his drummer Cindy Blackman, known also as a jazz drummer. Of course, she said yes.
  • Anybody in London know anything about the weekly residency/website¬†Jazzre:freshed? News to this side of the pond.
  • The late Harvey Pekar on jazz, from The Atlantic.
  • Not particularly timely, but still interesting: one man's Top Ten Ran Blake records.
  • The same applies for this touching remembrance of exiled South African pianist Chris McGregor, written by his brother. This is reprinted from 1992, within two years of McGregor's death.
  • Hey Seattle: is this "Basically Basie" proposal a good idea?
  • On George Wein, what the audience wants to hear, and what the audience does. Chinen, Stephenson.
  • Lady Gaga sings ... Gershwin? On The Today Show?
  • Destination: Out remembers Bill Dixon.
  • JazzWax speaks with iconic jazz LP cover designer Paul Bacon.
  • The Checkout this week features Dan Weiss, Bruce Barth and Steve Wilson, and a highlight from our Craig Taborn concert.

Also, more jazz at NPR Music: