Introducing The NPR Jazz Flickr Pool : A Blog Supreme We at A Blog Supreme have always been interested in your perspectives on music. Now, we mean it literally: we invite you to share your original jazz photographs via our new Flickr group. We may even feature our favorites on the site.
NPR logo Introducing The NPR Jazz Flickr Pool

Introducing The NPR Jazz Flickr Pool

At the heart of A Blog Supreme, we're interested in your perspectives on music. Heretofore, we've meant this metaphorically: what you like and what you think. But now we want to invite you to literally share your views: that is, your photographs.

For those of us who love the sounds of jazz, seeing its sights can be a powerful companion. And we know some of you love to capture those jazz images yourselves, whether on stage or off. So we'd like to invite you to share those shots via the NPR Jazz Photography Pool on Flickr, a free service which allows you to post digital photos online. Please: feel free to join the group, add your favorite original images, and tell us about them. Every so often, we may even feature some of our favorites here on A Blog Supreme.

We know the allure of music photography ourselves. So we've created the A Blog Supreme Flickr photostream for our own original images. Here's a taste:

Those images are some I've taken throughout the course of the last few months — basically, since I purchased my own camera in mid-March — which haven't yet appeared on (It's a used Nikon D40 with a 35mm f/1.8 lens, if you're wondering.) There are more, though, and more coming. Check out Lars Gotrich's shots from this last weekend's New Atlantis Festival in Washington, D.C., for which a full report is on its way.

To recap:

  1. Join our NPR Jazz Photography Flickr pool! You could have your own jazz photographs posted in this space.
  2. You may also want to check out our own A Blog Supreme Flickr photostream.

P.S. This idea was blatantly borrowed from The Picture Show, NPR's photography blog.