Around The Jazz Internet: Nov. 5, 2010 : A Blog Supreme News and notes from around the web, including interviews with Christine Jensen and Warren Wolf, new music from Brian Lynch, Sun Ra meets Halloween, the U.S. meets Cuba, Roswell Rudd, Henry Grimes and the pullout of George Wein's title sponsor.
NPR logo Around The Jazz Internet: Nov. 5, 2010

Around The Jazz Internet: Nov. 5, 2010

More things to look at and listen to:

  • Business story of the week: CareFusion drops its sponsorship of George Wein's festivals, including the Newport Jazz Festival, the Chicago Jazz Festival and Wein's New York jazz programming. The New York Times reported, as did the Boston Globe. Howard Mandel and Lee Mergner of JazzTimes have more detailed info.
  • Stay strong, James Moody.
  • Pianist George Colligan interviews alto saxophonist Christine Jensen.
  • A fun Revivalist interview of Warren Wolf, young vibraphone player.
  • Trumpeter Brian Lynch is streaming both volumes plus alternate takes of his new album, Unsung Heroes, at his Bandcamp page. He takes on compositions of underexposed trumpet masters.
  • Speaking of musicians from Milwaukee, a new book is out about Milwaukee jazz history.
  • Aidan Levy on the Sun Ra-Halloween connection.
  • Smart people from the New York Times gather to talk about recent developments in U.S.-Cuba musical exchanges — including jazz.
  • Our partners at WBGO have redesigned their entire website, and our partners at KPLU/Jazz24 have redesigned their blog, Groove Notes.
  • A short film, inspired to a call-and-response tune by Rex Stewart.
  • The Jazz Loft Project's blog has a nice think piece about all the many moments that history tends to gloss over.
  • How to play organ like Larry Young.
  • Check out this giant Roswell Rudd mask. Also, check out the trombonist's 75th birthday concert later this month.
  • Speaking of 75th birthday celebrations, check out Henry Grimes' residency all this month at The Stone in New York.
  • Soprano saxophonist Sam Newsome lists ten soprano saxophonists to check out.
  • Winter Jazzfest is on its way.
  • Howard Reich has a nice feature about Mike Reed, who is everywhere as far as Chicago jazz goes.
  • Interesting thoughts about influence in jazz, from a 22-year-old. Courtesy of Peter Hum.
  • Jazz, the Erteguns and the Turkish Embassy, via an old Talking Points Memo post.
  • The NEA has taken a comprehensive survey of outdoor arts festivals, and recently published the results. The Chicago Jazz Festival is among seven in-depth case studies.
  • Gilbert Arenas' fiancee says that the NBA star worked at a jazz club — for one night. (More than he's played this season ...)
  • Destination: Out has still giving away Henry Threadgill stuffs.
  • JazzWax interviewed Fats Domino and the writer Will Friedwald.
  • The Jazz Session speaks with Garrison Fewell and James Falzone.
  • The Checkout this week features the new John Escreet trio in the studio, and interviews with Bunky Green and Lou Donaldson.

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