Bands Of Brothers (And Sisters) : A Blog Supreme NPR Music's mix of music from sibling acts features, as one might imagine, plenty of jazz. Some songs come from famous jazz families -- the Marsalises, the Breckers, the Cohens -- but other sibling recordings might be less well-known.
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Bands Of Brothers (And Sisters)

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This Thanksgiving week, NPR's Morning Edition is putting together stories about siblings: The rivalries, the genetic convergences and personality divergences, the effects of birth order and so on. As a companion, we at NPR Music decided to put together a mix of music from sibling acts. As you might imagine, jazz is well represented: The intense commitment required to learn the craft tends to run in the family.

Some of the sibling acts are fairly well known: The Marsalises, the Breckers, the Cohens. But if you just scan the list, you'll see collaborations between siblings that aren't necessarily obvious. Like how Albert Ayler sometimes played with his brother, Donald? Or how Wayne Shorter recorded at least once with his brother, Alan? Or how saxophonist Bill Barron got his kid brother Kenny -- 16 years his younger -- to play piano on his great early '60s dates? The trend continues today: the saxophonist Tia Fuller made her last album with her sister, Shamie Royston (married to drummer Rudy Royston), and the identical Strickland twins (Marcus on saxes, E.J. on drums) often call each other for their own bands.

We couldn't fit in everything we wanted to put in (The Heath Brothers! Nordic Connect!), but we urge you to have a listen anyway. And tell us: what are the other sibling acts we're missing? [Sibling Stories: The Mix: Bands Of Brothers And Sisters]

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