Happy Presidents Day 2011 : A Blog Supreme No jazz blogging today on account of President's Day. Here's what you can do instead.
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Happy Presidents Day 2011

Interview with Lester Young, Aug. 24, 1958.

No blogging today on account of Presidents Day. Here's what you can do instead.

  1. Read about Ramsey Lewis' suite for jazz orchestra inspired by Abraham Lincoln, "Proclamation Of Hope." A preview, another preview, yet another preview, and a review. I saw it executed last fall in D.C. I was quite pleased at times. (Dee Alexander!) Hope it gets recorded.
  2. Take note, once again, that President Barack Obama has been into jazz since junior high, apparently. Halfway through his term, he's already booked lots of jazz at the White House.
  3. Listen: Conductor Judith Clerman, of the Essential Voices USA choir, has commissioned 16 short works from today's composers based on the words of 16 presidents. The NPR Music classical blog Deceptive Cadence is hosting them all here.
  4. Dig up solos by "Pres," Lester Young. As for the interview posted above, Chris Albertson — the interviewer — explains here.

See you on the Internet again soon.