Meet The Jazz Audience : A Blog Supreme A team of producers is going around the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival asking: How did you hear about this concert? One mother from Boston, spotted with her children after a Kidd Jordan performance, is a Jazz Fest regular.
NPR logo Meet The Jazz Audience: Shelley Sackett, Alex Roseman, James Roseman

Meet The Jazz Audience: Shelley Sackett, Alex Roseman, James Roseman

L-R: Alex Roseman, Shelley Sackett and James Roseman of North Boston, Mass. Mike Elliot/WWOZ hide caption

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Mike Elliot/WWOZ

L-R: Alex Roseman, Shelley Sackett and James Roseman of North Boston, Mass.

Mike Elliot/WWOZ

How do people learn about jazz shows — and why do they go? We're continuing our investigation through the Meet The Jazz Audience interview series at this year's New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. Independent producer Ben Pagac intercepted three folks coming out of the tent where local free jazz master Kidd Jordan had just performed. Mother Shelley Sackett, a Jazz Fest veteran, was sharing the experience with sons Alex and James. --Ed.

Shelley Sackett, Alex Roseman (21), James Roseman (17)
Performer: Kidd Jordan & Improvisational Arts Ensemble
Venue: WWOZ Jazz Tent, New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, New Orleans, La.
Date: April 30, 2011

You all just came out of the Kidd Jordan performance in the Jazz Tent. Are you jazz music lovers and/or musicians?

James: Yup, I would say so. I play guitar, saxophone and baritone saxophone for the school band.

Alex: I play guitar, piano, bass, drums. I like avant-garde jazz; it's really of interest to me. The lack of structure really shows what our constructions of jazz actually are. I think it's very interesting.

Shelley: He [James] has my old guitar! I love coming to Jazz Fest. I've been coming since 1992 because you hear stuff here you don't hear anyplace else. I can see Bon Jovi anyplace. I can hear Keb' Mo', I can hear Robert Cray. You don't get hear this stuff [pointing to the Jazz Tent] any place other than Jazz Fest. For me its been such a joy passing this on to my kids. I've taken each of them here individually on one-on-one trips, but this year I get to have both my boys with me, it gives me goosebumps!

I can see the goosebumps! What a nice thing share with your family. [To James:] You mentioned that you can get into the non-structure, free-form of music. Are there any artists in particular that you like, whether at Jazz Fest or not?

Alex: I like the soul/funk type of jazz, like Grant Green and Soulive, for example.

You mentioned people you could see all the time. A lot of those names are actually headliners at the end of the day today, so who are you going to end up the day with?

Shelley: One of these two tents [pointing to the Jazz and adjacent Blues Tents]. We're floating back and forth between the Jazz Tent and the Blues Tent.

So you are in your own little territory right here! How about you guys, are you going along with that or are you gonna split off?

James: Maybe split off and check out some other acts, but generally sticking around with my mom and brother.

Alex: Any time you can see Miles Davis' favorite pianist, Ahmad Jamal, I think you have to see it.

Were you here yesterday?

Shelley: Well, we got stuck in Boston Thursday night, due to the tornadoes, so we didn't get down here until (late) yesterday. I love (and missed) Trombone Shorty, so I'm gonna go hear his interview today. We finally got down here yesterday in time for a great dinner. Tooling around. Just happy to be here today and tomorrow.

Is there one favorite Jazz Fest food you like?

James: The oyster po-boys are amazing!

Alex: I'm more of a catfish po-boy man myself. I'm having a po-boy count. I'm at one now, but I'm hoping to get up to 10 by the end of the weekend.

Shelley: Bread pudding!

On that note, thank you for sharing your thoughts and have a great Fest!

This feature was produced by a member of the Association of Independents in Radio, with assistance from Mike Elliot of WWOZ in New Orleans. More coverage of Jazz Fest 2011 is throughout A Blog Supreme.

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