Meet The Jazz Audience: Barb Tomlinson : A Blog Supreme A team of producers is going around the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival asking: How did you hear about this concert? One woman is a repeat festivalgoer from Canada who keeps being drawn back to the Economy Hall tent.
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Meet The Jazz Audience: Barb Tomlinson

Barb Tomlinson of Dunnville, Ontario, Canada. Lauren Peterson for NPR hide caption

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Lauren Peterson for NPR

Barb Tomlinson of Dunnville, Ontario, Canada.

Lauren Peterson for NPR

How do people learn about jazz shows — and why do they go? We're continuing our investigation through the Meet The Jazz Audience interview series at this year's New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. Independent producer Lauren Peterson spoke with one well-traveled Canadian. —Ed.

Barb Tomlinson
Performer: Topsy Chapman and Solid Harmony
Venue: People's Health Economy Hall Tent, New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, New Orleans, La.
Date: May 6, 2011

What show did you just see? I just finished seeing Topsy Chapman and Solid Harmony.

And how was that? It was very good. I really enjoy seeing the entertainment at this tent, and I like seeing people that come out with their umbrellas and parade around. I love the type of music that they play in this tent, and I always seem to be drawn back to it even though there are other performances that I come to see. I always seem to come back to this tent.

Are you a jazz fan? I love jazz, I love a little bit of blues, I love a little rock, so I love a lot of the variety that they're coming out with, but my favorite is the jazz.

How did you decide to come to Jazz Fest this year? Actually I'm on holidays for the moment, and I sort of planned it that way. We were here two years ago for Jazz Fest and we really liked it. We tried last year the French Quarter Festival, which we liked, but we seem to be more happy with the Jazz Fest, with the crowds, and the entertainment is more varied. I really enjoy the local groups that are here.

What do you like about jazz in particular? I like the sound of it, I like the beat — I really like the beat, and it's easy to get into. It just kind of grows on you, like once you start listening to it I think it's just very enjoyable.

Do you have a favorite kind of jazz? No, not really, I like whatever I hear. I know there's different types of it, I don't really know all the different types, but I like most of it.

What are you looking forward to for the rest of the Festival? Are you coming back? Yup, yup — we were here for the first weekend and we're here for this whole weekend. Just the performances sometimes on the Acura Stage, whatever they may be, and the Gentilly [Stage] — those are my favorites. Plus this one here, too, at the Economy [Hall] Tent. I missed a good show here because I stayed too long at another venue a couple of days ago. I wanted to see somebody that was here ... I think he's from here, Pete Fountain. I did see him two years ago, but I missed him this year. I really like any of the performers here.

Well, thank you! Enjoy the festival! You too.

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