Around The Jazz Internet: Dec. 17, 2011 : A Blog Supreme A year-end epistolary exchange, anti-Stan Kenton and Wynton Marsalis as CBS reporter.
NPR logo Around The Jazz Internet: Dec. 17, 2011

Around The Jazz Internet: Dec. 17, 2011

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Jazz men (and women) of letters.


A day late, and who knows how many dollars short.

  • The Gig has made a habit of year-end epistolary exchanges. This year's participants are writers Angelika Beener, Aaron Cohen, Joe Tangari and K. Leander Williams, with host Nate Chinen.
  • So many top ten year-end lists! Peter Hum rounds a few up.
  • On why Nicholas Payton is not a racist. Can't say I follow every single detail here. But the basic assertion that racism is about maintaining a power relation is, I think, something that we should think deeply about with regard to jazz.
  • Jeremy Pelt, trumpeter, has a blog. (Yes, I found it via Nicholas Payton's response to it.)
  • Wynton Marsalis has been named a cultural correspondent for CBS News. He'll be on Sunday and weekday mornings.
  • Stan Kenton: David Hajdu is not a fan. (Among the details is this, which I can't bring myself to talk about on the Internet.) Here's a response from Aesthetic, Not Anesthetic, a blog which I should read more.
  • The musicians' union is pressing jazz clubs for pension benefits in New York City, the Times reports.
  • The Turkish Embassy has posted concert highlights from the Jazz at Lincoln Center series. If you don't know ...
  • The Curtis Brothers, Luques and Zaccai, profiled in the WSJ. Also, . (You all know the Journal offers a free look at the article if you get there from Google, no?)
  • Woody Shaw III on his dad and Dexter Gordon, from
  • Rose Colella, a vocalist, also comes from a musical family — even if everyone has forgotten about her grandmother.
  • Charlie Hunter interview in the L.A. Times.
  • Gerald Cleaver and "making a band": reflections from Hank Shteamer.
  • RIP Selma Heraldo. Who? Ask the Louis Armstrong House Museum, her neighbors.
  • Ted Panken's archive: John Abercrombie blindfolded, a Barry Harris story, two Eddie Palmieri interviews, and one of the smarter discussions of "jazz"/"BAM."
  • Destination: Out posts a Tyshawn Sorey-related contest.
  • JazzWax has a variety of new stuff up.
  • The Jazz Session speaks with bassist Michael Bates, and concert producer Adam Schatz. More Crane/Schatz talks at JazzDIY.
  • The Checkout this week actually aired the Barcelona episode (sorry for the mistake last week!).

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