A Caged Lion Sings A Ballad : A Blog Supreme A new video from vocalist and songwriter Gregory Porter literally dances around unrequited love.
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A Caged Lion Sings A Ballad

Add this to the short (but growing) list of actual music videos for jazz tunes.

Here is "Be Good (Lion's Song)," from singer-songwriter Gregory Porter's Be Good, released last month. The guy doesn't get the girl in Porter's song: "She said, 'Lions are made for cages / Just to look at in delight / You dare not let them walk around / 'Cause they might just bite.'" Full lyrics are available here. The video offers a different take on that idea, with some magical props and a Cupid-in-training. A hearty chapeau to all involved; this is touching.

It's not the first video from Porter either: "1960 What?" and "Illusion" come from his debut album Water. If you seek the impact of classic soul singers a la Sam Cooke and Donny Hathaway, you'll find something to like in both of Porter's records.

Another tidbit: The tenor sax solo is from Tivon Pennicott, scored to the "John Cusack with the boombox in Say Anything" scene. Pennicott doesn't appear in this video, but he does make an appearance on another recent music video of note.