Winter Jazzfest 2015 In Photos : A Blog Supreme Stay put or graze? Stand in line or pick something else? See a favorite musician or take a risk on an unknown? Here's how one photographer chose from 106 bands on 10 stages in two nights last weekend.

Winter Jazzfest 2015 In Photos

If you've ever gone to the NYC Winter Jazzfest — specifically, the marathon of overlapping sets in roughly adjacent venues that sometimes lasts more than eight hours per night — you know that you're bombarded with choices. Stay in one theater where it's warm, or graze for three songs and move on? Stand in that slow-moving line, or find a new plan? See one of your favorite musicians, or take a risk on something you've never heard of before? Experimental, deep in-the-pocket, or somewhere in between?

Exactly 106 bands performed across 10 different stages at this year's Winter Jazzfest, held this past Friday and Saturday. Here's how photographer John Rogers picked his way through the festival.