The Chain: April 2008 : All Songs Considered I want to try out a very simple and (hopefully) fun idea.
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The Chain: April 2008

I want to try out a very simple and (hopefully) fun idea.

I name a tune and put it on the blog. Then you pick a song that you think should follow it, and tell me why. What's the connecting link? Maybe one song borrows heavily from the other — it's the same key or the lyrics are similar or the beat is similar. Maybe the song features a singer who later played in another band, or the songs share the same producer.

Then someone takes your song choice and names a new tune — we'll make a selection from your posts as quickly as possible — and tells us why it should follow. Call it six degrees of musical separation. After we have enough songs, I could make a mix of all the songs using small excerpts.

Let's see how this goes, and if you love it, we'll try it again.

Robin, the other NPR Music producers, and I thought of a lot of songs to start the chain, but the one we came up with is (drum roll)...

"This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)" by the Talking Heads, from Speaking in Tongues.

Be sure to reference the most recent song posted, NOT the one we started with... and be sure to tell us what song you're referencing.